HandsOn Blue Ridge

We Connect People with Opportunities to Serve.

Connects people with opportunities to serve. As the volunteer center for the Roanoke and New River Valleys, we provide easy access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations and local government agencies serving the entire community. We link people who want to help – individuals, families, and students, businesses and their employees, civic, community, and faith-based organizations – with places of issues where their time, talent and interests can be utilized effectively.

We Build Capacity for Effective Local Volunteering.

We help agencies, businesses, and others who work with volunteers build their skills in recruiting, managing, retaining and recognizing volunteers. We provide volunteer management training and consultation, share volunteer management resource information, convene and advise professional associations (such as the Roanoke and New River Valley Advisory Councils and the Corporate Volunteer Council), and provide training and support for specialized groups of volunteers, such as board leaders.

We Promote Volunteering.

We raise awareness of the value of volunteering. Through volunteer fairs, media campaigns and other means, we encourage people to volunteer and provide information about volunteering. We promote national service days, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service, Make a Difference Day, National Family Volunteer Day, National Youth Service Day, and Join Hands Day. And through a variety of recognitions and awards programs, we recognize the outstanding contributions of volunteers, who make our community a better place to live.

We Participate in Strategic Initiatives to Meet Local Needs.

Volunteer Centers serve as a convener for the Community and catalyst for action. We work with local agencies, city government, businesses, schools, law enforcement, grassroots groups and community leaders to identify needs and mobilize volunteer response. We address such diverse but critical community issues as youth violence, disaster response, illiteracy, homelessness, hunger, frail seniors, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and accessibility and inclusiveness. We use our knowledge of our differences to solve problems.

What We Value:

We believe that through volunteer service people have the capacity to enrich their own lives and improve the quality of life in their communities.

We recognize that all people have time and talents in store, and that communities are strengthened when people connect across their differences through volunteer service.

We realize that we are at our best when we collaborate.

We commit to implementing innovative and effective strategies, holding ourselves accountable for results, and sharing our knowledge and best practices with others.

Behind the ideas and efforts toward building a better world, volunteers fuel a movement of compassion and connection. You can make a difference by volunteering right here in our community. By sharing your time and talents to help others, we can help bring a sense of hope to our hearts, homes, neighborhoods, and ultimately our nation.


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Together we can make a difference. Join us in working to connect the Roanoke and New River Valleys through volunteering.